Friday, January 28, 2011

It's FRIDAY..... Thank goodness....

Hello everyone! I'm so glad it is Friday. This week at school seemed to take FOREVER. My sixth graders at school are growing up way to fast and have so many problems that they should not have. I'm ready to sleep in in the morning. I'm going to cook a pizza for supper. The kids will be happy.

Let me introduce you to Red Rose. (My little Mollie named her that.) I wanted to make a rag doll and so this is my first attempt at one. I had a friend who made one at Christmas, and she had asked me to paint the face. So that is what started me on wanting to make one. She really was quite easy. I looked for a pattern but did not find one that I liked. So I made my own. Her hair is a little wild! Her dress wasn't quite what I wanted. I took her to school, and my kids thought I should stick pins in her...NO, she is not a voodoo doll. Mollie likes her, and my son wants a boy now. If anyone has any ideas for a boy, let me know.

At our county stock show, 4-H always asks for items donated for a silent auction. I made two signs. Here is one of the ones that I made. I never did find out what it sold for.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and may God bless you,


Cindy said...

Oh Erin..I was going to make all 5 of my grandaughters rag dolls at Christmas...then Kim found the Raggedy Anns on base so cheap that I settled for them. Now you make me want to try and make them for this next years Christmas. Someone had told me about making their arms bendable with woven pipe cleaners..or there is some covered wired at Joanns Fabric..I might try that.I would never attempt to paint their faces..mine would look like You did a great job! I think she is very sweet looking.
For the boys I have seen some Amish ones on might have a look there.

Enjoy your weekend.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

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