Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority project

Won't you join us?

My bloggerette Sorority Project...........

I'm being like Wilson off of Home Improvement. It is late, and I
have no make up on. So I'm hiding behind my project.

I am in a Mary Engelbreit Apron Swap over at Rick Rack and
I got my inspiration from Elizabeth at Creative
for my aprons. They are still in progress. They need
a little more embellishing and still 6 more to cut out.

My sweet son went with his Nanny over to her sister-in-laws house, and found these great vintage cards. Check out how much the stamp is!!!
1 CENT..... check out the next picture.

The postcard was sent in 1939... Bryce knows that I have been looking for vintage cards. Isn't he the sweetest....

Here are the great cards that Bryce found.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority

Won't you join us?

I am part of a sorority...
I am RUSHING this unique sorority. If you would like to be apart of it, hit the button above and it will take you to Some Days Are Diamonds. It is not to late to join. We all have wonderful things to share.

I must get started on my project and picture. Even if it is late.....

Home is where your Story begins.....

Another cabinet door turned decor....

Daniel is helping model my sign. This is going to a friend.

I love this saying... It is so true. Our story always begins
at home.

Of course, I had to accent the door knob.

A little scrap book paper to give it a little color. I added the green ivy and tan rose buds. It looked to plan without it. I hope my friend likes it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yo-Yo Crazy

Don't forget about my giveaway...... HERE

Who doesn't love Yo-Yo's??? My kids love them. As I was making my yo-yo's, they were playing with them. I was collecting them in a jar, and every time I turned around, they had them out. They made path ways and pretended they were people. Who knew they could spend an hour playing with yo-yo's?

I saw this idea in a Mary Engelbreit book. I just love it. Gives your pillow case a vintage look.

I made a bunch of yo-yo's and sewed them on the front end of the pillow case.

Here is the end product. My little girl has claimed this for her pillow case.

(I know that yo-yo's is not a possessive noun; however, the word looks better with an apostrophe to make it plural)

Boy and his best friend... well ... not exactly.
Bryce is a little rough with Daisy Mae, and
he wonders why she growls and want lay with
him and cuddle....

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Monday, June 14, 2010


I have a GIVEAWAY!!!! This is a piece of art for your walls made from my sisters kitchen doors. I have a total of 31 followers , which is great, but I hope for the big 50!!!!!

To enter, become a follower and leave a comment to let me know you are following me. If you are already a follower, just leave a comment.

******* When I was editing my post, I accidently erased my links I was posting too...
I will try to remember all the ones I posted to and put your button back.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kitsch,Cavaran, and Vintage America

Congrats goes out to Paula Clare from Paula's Place of Altered Art. She is WRITING a BOOK! Something I have always wanted to do as well. My dream is a children's book. Her is a little different. It sounds very interesting. It will be filled with photography, art, and her experience across America. How fun is that!!! I wish her lots of luck with this new adventure. She has inspired me in many ways, and I look forward to see what she does.

You can check out this project at

I would also take the time to check out her regular blog at Paula's Place of Altered Art.

Happy Trails to you Paula...


update on the kitchen door

As in my earlier post, my sister needed this for a reunion auction. My kitchen door went for 210.00 dollars. Wow... My sister said the girl who bought it said she had a room that was filled with her grandmother's things and that this would go perfect with it. I'm glad it will find a good home.

I'm missing church this morning because we found water in our bathroom. A line that runs from the coils for the air conditioner is stopped up and pour water into our bathroom. Yikes.. I hate problems like these.

So I will end this post with a lovely boutique of flowers picked by my sweet Mollie... Who doesn't love a dandelion.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art from a cabinet door

My sister just recently redid her kitchen with new cabinets. She had some white laminate cabinets that came with the home. I told her I wanted the doors, and both her and her husband thought I was crazy. "You can't paint on laminate!!! " they both said. However, I pulled the top layer off and was left with particle board. This is what turned out....

Since I had all these doors, my sister asked me to paint on one for her to take to her husband's class reunion. I wasn't sure when it was, but while I was on a way to an AAU basketball with my son, my sister mentions that she needs the door for the give away on Saturday night (June 12, 2010). So after getting home at 11:20 pm on Friday night, I begin working on the door. My sweet 4 and 5 year olds both woke up and stayed up till 2:00 am working on this. I then got up at 7:30 to go back to another basketball game.... I'm saying my sister owes me BIG TIME!!!
It did not turn out just exactly like I was hoping for, but it's okay. My roses did not want to work inside the carved out part. Now I'm ready to go work on the rest of the doors that she gave me.

Enjoy the sunshine...

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Poems written by Dad - Altered book

My husband loved to write poems when he was in high school. He says... he was named class poet. (I didn't know they gave out such an award.) I found an old folder full of poems he had written and thought it would be a good idea to put them in a book for him. This brilliant idea came a week before Christmas. So I rushed to type his poems and put this altered book together.
Just a few pics of the pages...
At school, I decided my 6th grade students could make an altered book full of their poetry that they had written. Boy.. was that a lot of work. They turned out really cute, and I wish I had some pictures of what they did... but I do not.

This is our sweet Daisy Mae... isn't she cute?

Most of the time she is sweet...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blue and Red... such pretty colors together

After looking at so many wonderful blogs, I have found a few that always catch my eye with their crafts. I love the colors of red and blue that they use. They look so crisp and cheery...(However, I'm noticing my camera did not do justice to my picture. I still have not learned how to work it just right.) I started looking through my scrapbooking paper, but I really did not have the colors I wanted. So I got out the fabric box. Wow, it's been a long time since I looked at all those pretties. Anyway... I looked through it, and sure enough, there was a few fabrics I could use.

I struggled with what saying to put on my sign. The counselor at my school gave a bracelet on time that had this wonderful saying on it. It is a quote from Mark Twain. There is a little more to it, but this is the part I like.

Everyone needs to sing like no one is listening. Life is to short...

With flowers being all the rage, I put a simple flower in the corner. I think it gave this picture/sign a finished touch.

Happy Crafting Everyone,

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 5 Saturday Centus prompt

It is so much fun writing a short, short story to go with the prompt given by Mr. Jenny at Jenny Matlock.


I settled into the comfortable movie theater seat with awkward 3D glasses perched on my nose, a small tub of popcorn on my lap, and a bottle of water lodged into the seat holder,

"Can we go to the movies now?" asked Daniel, the not so patient, little blond hair boy.

"Hold your horses," I replied as I gave out a chuckle. Daniel had been waiting to see this Disney movie for quite some time.

We arrived at the movie theater 30 minutes early. Just in time to get our very expensive snacks.

Daniel was a little apprehensive about going into the dark movie theater. "Let's go in Daniel. You have been waiting all month to see this movie," I said as I opened the door.

He gave me a look like he did not want to go in, but with determination he stepped in.

We found our seats.
I settled into the comfortable movie theater seat with awkward 3D glasses perched on my nose, a small tub of popcorn on my lap, and a bottle of water lodged into the seat holder, when all of a sudden Daniel jumped up and screamed. It startled me, and popcorn flew all over the seats. Big tears were streaming down Daniel's face.

I took the little guy's hand and gave him a smile. We slowly walked out not even turning around as the music began to play.

This is a true story. The only thing is, Daniel would not let me go into the movie theater. He started crying when I opened the door. It was to dark and loud he said. We didn't get to see the movie UP in 3D. We did go back a week later with Dad to see the movie.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Face Lift

My husband bought me this mailbox to put our bills in so we could keep them organized. Well, I think we are going on a year now that it has been sitting in the closet. I remember seeing a really cool mailbox done in black and white. I wanted to do the same thing. I searched and searched all the blogs I follow and couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. So if it is you that gave me the idea... I'm grateful.

I went with the scroll work. I think the one I saw had a paisley design on it. I put tiny dots on the raised part that said mail.

Here is the final product on my wall in the utility room. I'm proud of it.... A place for bills.

I have to share this with you. Tonight after VBS, we came out side to a beautiful rainbow. I couldn't get the whole rainbow in the picture, but it made a perfect arch. So beautiful.

I had to share the picture of cookies. I was making these cookies for VBS. However, my kids were taking the cookies when I wasn't looking.

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