Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art from a cabinet door

My sister just recently redid her kitchen with new cabinets. She had some white laminate cabinets that came with the home. I told her I wanted the doors, and both her and her husband thought I was crazy. "You can't paint on laminate!!! " they both said. However, I pulled the top layer off and was left with particle board. This is what turned out....

Since I had all these doors, my sister asked me to paint on one for her to take to her husband's class reunion. I wasn't sure when it was, but while I was on a way to an AAU basketball with my son, my sister mentions that she needs the door for the give away on Saturday night (June 12, 2010). So after getting home at 11:20 pm on Friday night, I begin working on the door. My sweet 4 and 5 year olds both woke up and stayed up till 2:00 am working on this. I then got up at 7:30 to go back to another basketball game.... I'm saying my sister owes me BIG TIME!!!
It did not turn out just exactly like I was hoping for, but it's okay. My roses did not want to work inside the carved out part. Now I'm ready to go work on the rest of the doors that she gave me.

Enjoy the sunshine...

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amyg said...

Wow! Don't tell anyone it's not perfect and they'll never know. I love the hand painting. You're super talented, lady!!

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