Friday, June 24, 2011

My Garden and A Painting Boo-Boo

My summer has not gone just like I planned. Partly because of me... Yap.. I confess. I've been lazy. The one wonderful thing about being a teacher is having the summers off. I planned on going to the basketball gym and working with my son since he will be a freshman next year and is 6'2". There is potential there. Not bragging.. LOL... Also I planned on reading a lot with my 2 younger kids. We have been reading buy not a lot like I wanted to.

My garden is said this year. I have just planted morning glories everywhere. A cheap way to get a lot of flowers. Just there is no variety. Last year, my plants were looking so good. My husband is going back to school for nursing, so our money situation is low. Plus, we have been having over 100 degree temperatures. It is burning up everything and we have had NO RAIN. I'm living in the desert!!!

Here is a picture of last year.....

Here is this year. My kids and I painted on some boards to add to the fence to give it some color.

My dear sweet sister-in-law asked me to paint a sign for her. Her son-in-law wanted to play a joke on his wife who is due to have a boy. She told him he could name their son. Well as a joke, he is going to tell her he is naming him Cowboy Bulldawg (Bulldawg being the Georgia Bulldogs). So here was my first attempt. Do you spot what is wrong?

My sister - in - law was very sweet and asked if I could redo it because it was suppose to be Bulldawg not dawg. My mistake.. I do not know what I was thinking. So here is the new one and it is much better by far....

This next one was the original one I thought I would paint on, but I didn't think the space was big enough to write everything on it.

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