Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bless this Home Sign

My friend just moved into a new house, and I wanted to give her something to add to her home. So I decided to paint something that would add a touch of warmth. So I took a piece of wood, and base painted it carmel candy. I went back and painted a buttercup yellow over the piece. Just before it was completely dried, I took a wet towel and rubbed paint off to give it a peeling paint look. In black, I painted the words "Bless this Home." I used a bronze for the flowers. I didn't want to use to bright of a flower because I wasn't sure what colors she was going to go with. I keep it as neutral as possible.

Luckily, I gave her the picture today and SHE loved it.

Happy painting everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kaysi said...

What a fun sign. I love how you painted it

this blessed nest said...

what a sweet friend you are!!!
i am sure she will cherish this for years to come!

this blessed nest said...

only when i plant.

when i am planting plants in the ground - i literally use a heaping handful & place in dug hole. then once your plant is planted i use another heaping handful & spread on TOP of the dirt around the plant.

i forgot to add this part in my post - when planting in a flower POT - i will use MORE of the cow poop & mix with potting soil. depending on size of flower pot. (just because flower pots don't have the advantage of the dirt from the ground.)

hope this helps. also everyone has asked i get the cow manure at ACE hardware.
you wouldn't believe all the emails i'm getting - over cow poop! - who knew. ??!!lol!

Stephanie Lynn said...

What a great gift idea! Simply lovely! Would love to have you stop by the Sunday Showcase Party. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Your a great painter!

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